Pet Boarding


Guinea pigs are housed in a large indoor cage with stimulating toys and fresh water, pellets and hay. Hamsters and other small pets are looked after in their own cages. If you prefer you can bring your guinea pigs
in their own cage which we will accommodate within
our home.

Regular updates are sent to you throughout your pet’s
stay for extra reassurance that they are having fun.


Guinea Pigs also enjoy outside exercise in spacious runs
in shady areas of our garden during warmer months.

Health & Hygiene

Pets receive regular fresh water and vegetables every day,
as well as their dry food and hay for guinea pigs which you provide. They are checked every day for signs of ill health
and also observed regularly to ensure they are all having fun.

We provide a stimulating environment, which is safe and thoroughly cleaned at the end of each pet stay. We can access a local Vets if necessary, but all vet bills are the responsibility of the pet’s owner and must be settled
before collection of your pet.

Small Pet Boarding Prices

Guinea Pigs – £8 per day per cage
Hamsters / Gerbils – £5 per day per cage

Payments for all pet care services are required in cash
on the day you drop off your pets with us.
Cancellation notice is a minimum of 10 days.

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