Pet Boarding


All pet guests are housed in a large airy summer house and they also have access to big runs in our pretty garden. We provide spacious and clean Bunny Dens for 1-4 rabbits, 2.75 x 1.50 m in size, and sturdy, roomy Piggy Huts and runs for 1-4 guinea pigs.

We also board rats, hamsters and gerbils in their own cages. The Dens are big open spaces that allow rabbits to run, jump and play whenever they like but also within the Den is a safe hutch where they can have quiet time. You can be reassured that we will care for your pets like they are one of our own.


Rabbits and Guinea Pigs have plenty of space to exercise within their accommodation as well as enjoying outside exercise within spacious runs in shady areas of our large garden.

Health & Hygiene

Guests receive regular fresh water, hay and vegetables every day, as well as their dry food. They are checked every day for signs of ill health and also observed regularly to ensure they are all having fun. We provide a stimulating environment, which is safe and thoroughly cleaned at the end of each pet stay. We are experienced in small animal care and are passionate about animal welfare, being able to offer advice on small pet care should you need it.

We can access a local Vets if necessary, but all vet bills are the responsibility of the pet’s owner and must be settled before collection of your pet. Rabbits require up to date vaccination cards prior to arrival and animals will only be accepted if in good health

Small Pet Boarding Prices

1 Rabbit – £7 per day / 2+ Rabbits – £10 per day
1 Guinea Pig – £5 per day / 2+ Guinea Pigs – £8 per day
(2 + Rabbits / Guinea Pigs prices when sharing a Den / Hut)
Rats – £6 per day (small cage) – £9 per day (large cage)
Guinea Pigs in own cage – £6 per day
Hamsters / Gerbils in own cage – £4 per day

Payments for all pet care services are required in cash
on the day you drop off your pets with us.
Cancellation notice is a minimum of 10 days.

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